The Fine Art of Being An Original

This is the Pur Sang manifesto on being an Original, call them bits of advice, insights, mantras or words of wisdom that will help you set yourself apart from the drones.

1- Know the rules.

Being an Original and following rules? That doesn’t quite add up, does’it? But here’s the thing: just as all great artists need to know the rules in order to break theme, no true individual become one on is own. He listens. He learns.

2- Trends are the enemy of individuality.

Why follow what everybody is doing, create your own style or way of life.

3- Go with your gut.

Operate from instinct and everything will turn out well.

4- Look beyond your discipline.

You should always look and explore other fields so you can combine different elements to your own and create something different.

5- Have the brain to ask for help.

There is no shame in asking for help when you need it, especially if it helps you in moving forward. 

6- There are no Mistakes, only experiments.

Mistakes are the best schools.

7- Protect the unit - Family first.

Above all, prioritize your family, make time for them, time flies so fast. 

8- Have a great life story.

Why right somebody else's story, write your own and make it legendary.

9- Be your own superhero.

Thinks of guys or heroes you look up to. Then forget about them and be your own hero.  

10- You’re the boss of you.
       Get Creative.




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