Everyday Goal journal & planner - Hard Cover Version

Everyday Goal journal & planner - Hard Cover Version

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Make success inevitable by committing to focus every day on one priority to achieve one goal in 90 days.

Simple & Mighty.

The Everyday Goal journey & planner

Beating the Daily Grind.

When life gets busy, it can be hard to even think about starting the journey to achieve a meaningful goal. Every day, we’re bombarded with countless decisions and to-dos that take up our precious time.

The Everyday Goal Approach.

Work on ONE priority every day to achieve ONE meaningful goal in 90 days.

Instead of trying to do it all in one day and feeling stressed out and overwhelmed, focus on one priority every day. Celebrating small wins boosts your willpower and motivation, making it infinitely easier to stick to and achieve your goal.


One Goal to Rule Them All.

Committing to one goal at a time makes you laser-focused and more likely to succeed than having multiple goals competing for your energy.


Make Success a Sure Thing.

Investing our energy in the things that really matter leads to extraordinary results. Focusing on one priority every day helps eliminate decision fatigue and creates consistency so you can power towards your goal.


Small Wins Feed Desire.

Progress is the most effective form of motivation. When we get a signal that we’re moving forward, we become more motivated to continue down that path. Small daily wins can have an addictive effect, motivating us to keep pushing forward.


The Everyday Goal journal & planner - Hard Cover Version

Our Sustainability Promise.

Made Locally - Environmentally friendly

In an effort to minimize our environmental impact, this notebook is produced locally using 100% recycled paper, with biogas energy and a chlorine-free process.

Post-Consumer Fibre

Fibre recovered entirely from paper used by consumers through recycling programs.

Biogas Energy

Paper manufactured using a gas produced from decomposing landfill waste. Biogas, a sustainable and local energy, is transported to the mill by pipeline to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Permanent Paper

Alkaline or neutral paper that resists aging for more than 100 years under normal warehousing conditions.

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The Everyday Goal journal & planner